What are MMO games?

What are MMO games?

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Surely you have already heard someone talk about MMO games or read it on one of the many websites where video games are talked about. And it is that in recent years with the advancement of technology these types of games have been increasing, and more and more people play them.

The MMOG or “Massive Multiplayer Online Game” are games where a large number of players play in multiplayer mode to the same game.
Some of the typical characteristics of this type of games are:


This multiplayer game mode allows interaction between its users, being able to communicate with each other and establishing all kinds of social relationships, friendship, commerce, teamwork and even love relationships.

– Moderators: 

Game Moderators or moderators are usually volunteers who act as supervisors in these virtual worlds to enforce the rules of the game, avoid cases of abuse, and ensure that the content that people upload is respectful of others, among other functions.


The theme or genre of this type of games is infinite: RPG, RTS, shooter, area, battle royale, sports, graphic adventure, platform …

– Models:

There are some games in which you have to pay before you play. Others such as the “Fremium” or “Free2Play” models are free, however, within these there are Premium versions in which you can pay for a series of weapons or skills that offer advantages over other users.

-Evolution of the avatar:

Especially in role-playing games, avatars can evolve over time and the achievements. In some shooters for example, we can rise in rank by completing missions, from soldier to becoming a general.

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