Update – Meta changes and new beasts

Update – Meta changes and new beasts

¡New update available!

Hello adventurers, we introduce this update to try to solve some of the problems that you have reported to us.

First of all we want to improve the reconnection system in hero battles, so now we will try to reconnect you or your allies immediately to combat, with this we will try to avoid the specific connectivity problems that cause sudden connection losses that in many Occasions are imperceptible to the player as they are usually arranged in a matter of 1 second.

Secondly, we have added a new limitation to the amount of resources that can be put up for sale in the Market, to prevent some players from using them as deposits.

Another important change is that we have modified the internal statistics of most of the beasts, to add more difficulty at high levels and lower it for low levels. With this we will try to reduce the frustration curve for defeat at the beginning.

Finally, in line with the previous point, we have added 4 new beasts to add new combat options at low hero levels.

Lista de nuevas funcionalidades

Next, we leave you the list with the most important changes made.

  • Reconnect functionality added during hero battles.
  • Four new beasts have been added, Fungier, Aragn, Wormlic, Musquiteer.
  • The internal characteristics of most beasts have been modified (life, strength, resistances) .
  • The characteristics of some spells used by beasts have been changed (range, damage, duration).
  • The Barracks interface has been modified, it is now possible to see the type and quantity of the troops that are being trained, more easily.
  • New limits have been added on the amount of resources that can be put up for sale in the Wholesale Market, which will depend on the level of the building.
  • Fixed some bugs, some of which prevented the player from entering the game.

We hope you enjoy it.

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CEO & Lead programmer en Hunters of Magic

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