Update – Guilds arrive

Update – Guilds arrive

New update available!

Hello adventurers, for a long time we have wanted to be able to give you this news.

Finally, we can present you the first phase for the introduction of a Guild System in White Spell. In this first phase, we send you several basic characteristics within the guild system, such as:

  • Guild customization. You can create your own flag, with different shapes, coats of arms and colors.
  • Unique guild name.
  • Customizable range and permission system.
  • Public notice board. Any player will be able to see the member and board tabs. Customize your tagline and announcements to better promote your guild.
    Group mailing lists. All members of the guild can participate in the same discussion.
  • Glory. Glory will be what your guild will need to level up, you can earn glory through military or technological development. Your guild will also need resources in order to level up.
  • Guild bonus. As your guild levels up, you can improve the statistics of all its members by choosing the bonuses you prefer to boost.
  • And of course, new guild ranking!

And if this were not enough, in the second phase we will bring you the System of Conquest of territories, with this system the guilds will have to fight as a group to control the different Watchtowers of the map and thus obtain greater benefits by expanding their domain through the lands of Eloryan.

All the members must work as a team to reach the top!

We hope you enjoy it.

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CEO & Lead programmer en Hunters of Magic

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