Update 0.1.000

Update 0.1.000

Jan 26 unai urrutia  

New update!

The 0.1.000 update is here and with it come the heroes’ combats.

Also with this update has been a server reset, so you can return to compete for the first place since today.

This version also brings a reward for all players, 500 gems to make your progress even faster.

500 gemas

Complete list of changes

Then, we leave you the full list of changes made with the features implemented in bold:

Corrected bugs

  • Bug that prevented correctly displaying new events in the agenda.
  • Format bug in army reports.
  • Positioning bug in the rankings.
  • Bug that prevented the displacement of troops between cities.
  • Format bug in rankings.
  • Fixed browser cache problems that saved outdated data causing uncontrolled errors.
  • Bug that prevented the correct visualization of the current technology in the research tree, under certain conditions.
  • Bug that prevented to see correctly the reduction of the cost in the investigations, after obtaining the corresponding bonuses.
  • Bug that increased the total research points, under certain conditions.
  • Bug of behavior of the mail tray.
  • The AI ​​of army battles has been improved.
  • Scaling bug in some interfaces.

Implemented functions

  • Research, general and hero rankings have been enabled.
  • The different available investigations have been changed and balanced.
  • The interaction with different interfaces has been changed, offering more information to the player.
  • A bidding system has been created.
  • The public and private profile of the player has been enabled.
  • The spell menu has been enabled.
  • Hero combats have been enabled.
  • The displacement of the hero by the map has been enabled.

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