Update 0.0.030

Update 0.0.030

New update!

For those who are going to enjoy the weekend at the Euskal Encounter or a while on your home computer, we bring you the 0.0.030 update that will allow you to continue seeing the improvements we are making in the alpha version.

And to thank the players who with their contributions help us improve the game in this alpha phase, we are going to reward you with 500 gems!

500 gemas

Complete list of changes

Then, we leave you the full list of changes made with the features implemented in bold:

Corrected bugs

  • Bug that prevented to load the cities under certain conditions.
  • Bug that showed the name of the investigations required incorrectly.
  • Visual bugs in the barracks interface.
  • Bug that blocked access to the account when multiple battles were made.
  • Bug that blocked access to the account when there was a revolution in your cities for lack of gold.
  • Synchronization bug in the resolution of army battles when several players wanted to solve the combat at the same time.
  • Bug that stopped the countdown of buildings when they were under construction.
  • Bug that allowed any player to listen to private messages even if they were not directed to him.
  • Bug for which the research points generated at the time among all its cities were not calculated correctly in the client.

Implemented functions

  • You can already accelerate the training of the troops in the barracks in exchange for gems.
  • Visual changes have been made in all the developments of the city view.
  • It has balanced the parameters of all the troops during the battles.
  • New tips have been introduced in the initial loading window.
  • The mail tray system has been enabled.
  • The system of rankings has been enabled, including the ranking of builders and the military.
  • The distribution of the attacks received during the battles of armies has been balanced.
  • The manual and automatic withdrawal system has been enabled in armies battles when the battle is lost.
  • The communication system has been changed in real time between users, now the chat should work correctly.
  • The total number of research points available in the research interface has been added.
  • The research points have been added at the time generated by the entire empire at the University interface.
  • It has enabled a system to send questions to idle players for more than 20 minutes to encourage the use of chat.
  • A system of disconnection due to idleness after 50 minutes without playing has been enabled.


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