The 9 most violent video games in history

The 9 most violent video games in history

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Do you like excessive violence and to tear apart your enemies? In this list you will find the 9 most violent video games that we have been able to find in White Spell. Understand that titles are not placed in order of difficulty.

  • Soldier of Fortune – 2000

The developer “Raven Software” shocked the masses of games at the beginning of the century with “Solider of Fortune”, one of the most violent video games ever created.

The game features a plot that details a mercenary’s attempt to prevent terrorists from unleashing stolen nuclear weapons in the world. The result? A game that has guts and limbs that can detach from the torsos.

In fact, “Soldier of Fortune” was so violent that the game was placed on the index of the Federal Department of Harmful Media for Young People in Germany. A 2002 sequel, “Solider of Fortune: Double Helix”, continued the carnage.

  • God of War III (2010)

Kratos continued his murderous mission against the Greek gods in “God of War III”, the final chapter of the “God of War” trilogy soaked in PlayStation 3. The previous two entries had a good amount of violence, but the third game raised the ante with more dramatic beheadings, pains and limb removal sequences, and large blood splatters.

As a result we see how the perspective of the protagonist changes from a fighter driven mad by revenge to a ruthless murderer of gods.

  • Grand Theft Auto III (2001)

The “Grand Theft Auto” series delved into the criminal world before “GTA III”, but the top-down 2D games failed to capture dirt and debauchery, just as this title could.

“Grand Theft Auto III” placed players in the role of a criminal seeking revenge against his ex-girlfriend who turned against him during a bank robbery. The result? The players plunged deep into the underworld, where stealing cars, hitting prostitutes and killing cops are the order of the day.

Naturally, this led “GTA III” to be the center of debate on violence in video games, and led Wal-Mart to institute a policy that required proof of age for potential buyers of M-rated titles.

  • Mortal Kombat (2011)

We are all clear that the first “Mortal Kombat” of “Midway Games”, was blunt, soaked with blood and incredibly violent. But the restart of “Mortal Kombat” 2011 from “NetherRealm Studios” was even more violent.

It presents to the palyers deaths that destroy groins and new X-ray movements that allowed him to break bones, tear muscles and destroy internal organs. Making it one of the most violent games to date.

  • Bulletstorm (2011)

There are many violent video games, but very few enjoy the carnage like “Bulletstorm” from “Epic Games” and “People Can Fly”. This title rewards players not only for killing the enemy in the traditional way, but for destroying them with creative “Skillshots”.

The game rewards your ability to destroy, so headshots and groinshots (as well as the most creative deaths with weapons and objects in the environment) accumulate points you use to improve your destruction tools.

  • Thrill Kill – 1998

This game was not officially released on PlayStation, as originally intended, but since then many pirate copies can be found.

This title is about a 3D fighting game for four players in which some of their most unpleasant characters fight to the death. Armed with syringes, livestock products, severed limbs and more, players simply overcome each other with grotesque, fetish and / or sexual maneuvers, always with the result of pools of blood everywhere.

  • MadWorld (2009)

Developed by “Platinum Games” and published by “SEGA”, “MadWorld” showed that the “Nintendo Wii” was not a system simply for family games.

The plot of the game involves Jack Cayman (a man whose right arm has been replaced by a retractable chainsaw) enters a macabre televised game where participants have to kill each other for the enjoyment of the staff.

Inspired by “Frank Miller’s” “Sin City” comics, “Madworld’s” brutal weapon-based action takes place in a black and white world marked with splashes of red when you eliminate your rivals in regular combat modes. Or in the appropriately called “Blood Bath Challenges.”

The sale of the game in Germany was prohibited.

  • Postal 2 – 2003

This is a game in which it is normal to throw grenades and scythes to unsuspecting civilians if they refuse to help you in the daily goals that the game puts on you.

Surely, this includes the use of cat carcasses as silencers for weapons, hitting people with cow heads loaded with anthrax, and playing searching for dogs with the severed heads of their dismembered victims.

  • Manhunt – 2003

“Rockstar Games” took violence in the videogame debate to a new level of intensity with the 2001 “Grand Theft Auto III”, but when talking about violence the company’s own “Manhunt” wears the blood crown like a king.

The plot: a death row inmate named James Earl Cash finds himself as the star of a madman’s real-life snuff movie, in which the only way to stay alive is to kill all gang members to the view. The prize? Freedom.

This stealthy horror video game in third-person does not sound remarkably different from other modern and avant-garde action titles, but “Manhunt” overcame the gruesome with levers, plastic bags, knives, weaponry, and awarded players great points for committing ultra-violent murders. The more violence the more points.

The brutality was so intense that there was an internal debate among “Rockstar Games” employees about the game’s content.



We hope you liked this list of the 9 most violent video games in history. If you know at home any game that you believe could enter this list, do not hesitate to comment on the title in the comments below, thank you very much.

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