The 9 most difficult video games in history.

The 9 most difficult video games in history.

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Are new video games more difficult than the old ones? In this list you will find the 9 most difficult video games that from White Spell we have been able to find. Understand that titles are not placed in order of difficulty.

  • Dark souls III

In “Dark Souls 3” the player will have to fight relentless creatures and huge beasts that barely enter the entire screen with a lot of ways to be defeated. In the kingdom of Lothric there are not many corners where we can hide from the dangers.

  • Battletoads

This “Rare” game offered an unusual mix of genres in which countless lives served to teach us where the pitfalls of the next level are. With interdimensional scenarios as changing and different between them as the movements of the enemies are.

It should be noted the level of motorcycles where it was not enough to have some ninja reflexes and a devilish technique to overcome all the obstacles, cliffs and enemies that we encountered. Where a single mistake entailed the loss of a life.

  • Super Mario Maker

On September 11, 2015 “Nintendo” brought to market what is possibly the most difficult “Super Mario” of all the sagas. “Super Mario Maker” sets off of the simple premise that so many thousands of fans have hooked, “Super Mario Bros”, and adds incalculable possibilities where players can create their own levels of “Super Mario” with the aesthetics they like and with the maximum difficulty that can occur to the player.

  • Dwarf fortress

The game “Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress” (also known as Dwarf Fortress) is one of the greatest influences of “Minecraft.” The objective of this is to create a fortress with a group of dwarves. Although at first sight it seems to be an easy game to play, it is characterized by its overwhelming complexity, which combines elements of city builder and rougelike. Where the player will have to take into account aspects such as soil erosion, wildlife, previous civilizations and how this affects the worlds that are created a posteriori.

  • Guitar hero III

For many people the genre of music video games reached its peak with “Guitar Hero III”. The reasons being a seated player base, a spectacular repertoire of songs and a perfected and matured game format. However, the final song of the game at an expert level marked a wall of separation between the true “Gods of Metal” and the rest of the humans. And it was so difficult that it presented itself as a superhuman challenge reserved for the privileged few.

  • Flat héroes

Possibly the most minimalist action game, this title of “Parallel Circles” consists in trying to solve more than 300 levels reduced to a cubicle based on jumping, attacking, accelerating and running. Although said in this way it seems easy, it consists in surviving a true storm of threats where you can even find final bosses.

  • Ikaruga

This title of “Treasure” is a game of “kill Martians” where we do not have any type of power-up or special weapons, but our bullets only affect the objectives of opposite color to ours.

And it is that not only we are challenged to distribute bullets left and right, but we will also have to change the color of our ship to avoid the objectives of our color and destroy those of the opposite color. It is certainly considered one of the most difficult games of the genre.

  • Contra

The Contra saga has always been characterized by its extreme difficulty, although its first installment may be the most difficult among all its sisters.

Given the number of enemies and the different dangers on the screen that have to be faced, the game practically forces us to play the game with a second player, which would prevent us from restarting the level in case one died. As an inconvenience of playing with another player, the coordination had to be perfect to pass the levels.

  • Super hexagon

This game despite its apparent simplicity, the player is a small triangle that moves between the margins offered by all geometric figures contained in a hexagon, you just need to see how fast these geometric figures move to know what is needed a great capacity for reflexes and a devilish ability to pass the levels without dying miserably.

Considered a game that was not possible to play it humanly the developers had to prove it through a video of a gameplay on YouTube.


We hope you liked this list of the 9 most difficult video games ever. If you know at home any game that you believe could enter this list, do not hesitate to comment on the title in the comments below, thank you very much.

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