Jon Alonso, new developer who joins White Spell

Jon Alonso, new developer who joins White Spell

Oct 18 unai urrutia  

New addition to the team The Hunters

Today we want to welcome Jon Alonso Masa, the new signing that will help us with the development of White Spell. To get to know you better and to know a little more about your trajectory, we bring you this interview fresh from the oven.

Where did you come from and what motivated you to join the White Spell The Hunters team?

From Bilbao to LondonI come from London, where I worked in a small studio developing videogames for mobile and web. I would have liked to be able to work in this sector without leaving Bilbao, so when I saw the job offer of Hunters of Magic and after trying White Spell, I did not think twice.

In what technologies or languages ​​do you feel comfortable?

Each technology has its pros and cons from the point of view of development. Personally I like that the programming process is as agile as possible, so that I can quickly check the changes that I am introducing. This is especially true with web development, since the browser has the target platform and it is not necessary to copy the executable to another device, such as a mobile.

What is your work ecosystem? (Equipment, operating system, IDE, test framework, etc.)

For the development of White Spell, because it is a 2D videogame, we do not need a very powerful team. I use a mid-range laptop with Windows 10. When it comes to programming I use Visual Studio Code, a free and lighter version of Microsoft Visual Studio that works very well for web development.

Portada videojuego JourneyWhat is your favorite videogame?

It is difficult to choose only one, but deep down I am a strong defender of the video game as a means of artistic expression and transmitter of emotions. In this sense, my experience with Journey always comes to mind.
It is a video game of great beauty and that has a high emotional charge. For many players it has had a therapeutic effect, for example helping them to accept the loss of a loved one.

What prompted you to work in this industry?

I have grown up surrounded by videogames and there are so many adventures that I have lived through them, that it was only a matter of time before I tried to put myself on the other side to create my own adventures and that other players could enjoy them.

What makes a good video game?

For me a good videogame is one that when you think you have seen everything, is able to surprise you in some way. A new visual effect, a change in the style of the music, a totally different game mechanics … All of them are valid resources to surprise the player. Although it may seem, it is not a simple task, but once you get it, be sure that player will be willing to play again to surprise you again.

What is your general impression of White Spell?

The gender of the strategy is one of my favorites, so I have high hopes for White Spell. It is a video game of great depth and complex enough so that it is not repetitive. It is a really ambitious project and one in which I am totally dedicated. Surely the players can enjoy countless adventures and I hope we can surprise them.


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