Interview in FS Gamer magazine

Interview in FS Gamer magazine

May 13 unai urrutia  

Interview in FS Gamer magazine

Lately we have been so focused on the development of a viable game prototype that we have not had time to think about anything else. And the truth, it was already time to add more tickets to the web.

Here is an excerpt from the interview for FS Gamer magazine:

How would you describe White Spell?

“White Spell is a community game of the MMOG type that combines two game styles, the RTS and the RPG, a fusion still untapped by the sector and offering many possibilities.”

“In the first, our goal will be to become a great emperor building and managing new cities, trading, establishing alliances, even warring with our neighbors.”

“In the second we will become a hero with which we can travel the world, resting in the inns of the cities built by players, after a hard day of adventures fighting fantastic beasts and improving our skills.”

“White Spell offers a wide variety of options for entertainment. A simple enumeration of its characteristics could be: up to 8 selectable races with missions and own objectives (Empire, Druids, Eternal Kings, Vampires, Technopaths, Entities, Polymorphs, Underworld), RTS mode or city management, manual control system in battles campaigns for armies of cities, technological improvement through investigations, RPG mode with combats by turns PvP and PvM, system of professions, missions, collection of beasts, system of guilds … “.

What have been your main influences?

“The main sources of those that White Spell drinks are Dofus of Ankama Games, a French game to which I dedicated many hours in his day and that had an enviable affiliation rate; Ikariam of Gameforge, German game that I also enjoyed several years and how not Nintendo Pokémon, which left its mark in my childhood and will continue to leave in the many others.

You can read the full interview  here.

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