Interview in Euskadi Today

Interview in Euskadi Today

May 13 unai urrutia  

Special Beaz | Euskadi Today

Interview with Jonathan Larrínaga

Special edition of Euskadi Hoy from Onda Vasca broadcasted live from the Beaz headquarters. There, Javier Vizcaíno has known first hand the tools put in place by the Diputación de Bizkaia for the creation of companies. He has talked with the heads of several Basque startups, among which is Hunters of Magic. The interview was also attended by Olatz Goitia, Director of Business Transformation at Beaz, who introduced the audience to Jonathan Larrínaga, CEO of White Spell, as an example of the support they are making to initiatives in the creative industry.

Jonathan says that the key to facing the video game market is that people who like to try / test new games, like your product and get hold of them. Currently, Jonathan has planned to release the product next March and that is when he can begin to check the acceptance of the game.

You can listen to the intervention of Hunters of Magic in this program of Onda Vasca on the minute 17:40 in the followinge audio.

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