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Developer Diary

  • Development diary

    Update – Guilds arrive

    New update available! Hello adventurers, for a long time we have wanted to be able to give you this news. Finally, we can present you the first phase for the introduction of a Guild System in White Spell. In this […]

  • Development diary

    Update – Meta changes and new beasts

    ¡New update available! Hello adventurers, we introduce this update to try to solve some of the problems that you have reported to us. First of all we want to improve the reconnection system in hero battles, so now we will […]

  • Development diary

    Update – Profile and Management Center

    New update available! Dear adventurers, with this update we have modified the cost of the expansions of the sectors of the Resource Management Center so that some players will have suffered a level drop in some sectors. In addition, we […]

  • Development diary

    Update – Double Construction

    A new update is here! On this occasion we bring you the option of unlocking the double construction. Now you can be twice as fast! List of new features Next, we leave you the list with the most important changes […]

  • Development diary

    Update Balance Changes

    New update! The White Spell update with the balance changes is here. The objective of these changes is to facilitate a more fluid start during the first days of the game. List of new features Next, we leave you the […]

  • Development diary

    Missions and Market Update

    New update! The White Spell update is here. Full list of new features Next, we leave you the complete list of the changes made with the functionalities implemented in bold: In addition to having solved countless bugs we bring you […]