Competition  #talentodigital

Competition #talentodigital

Sep 15 unai urrutia  

Selected in the #talentoDigital contest

White Spell has been selected in the contest #digital talent of El País to qualify for the two prizes (the readers and the jury) endowed with 15,000 euros each. There are 305 newly created companies or startups that have also been selected, and the odds of winning one of the two prizes seem complicated. But as we are optimistic by nature – if we were not developing a videogame – we would like you to help us get the readers’ prize – I hope you like El País or you are one of those who report the news through different sources😜.

Registered readers on the El País website will be able to vote once, until October 23 at 2:00 pm, for the White Spell project – you can go directly to 🔎 White Spell in the search engine.

How to help us win the prize: vote!

To participate and vote, the first step is to enter the page that hosts all the projects:

Once there, and first of all, you must accept the legal bases (just below 🔎 ).

Then, if you already have an account, you just have to connect by clicking on the “connect” button. If not, click on the button to create an account in order to register (that record can be done in three ways, with your Facebook or Google user, or by creating a new one).

Once you have registered (if you did not have a user) or you have connected (in case you did have and only had to connect), you can go back to that first page. Then you can click the participate button and then click on the “Vote” button that will appear, in blue, under White Spell.

White Spell file in #talentodigital.




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