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9 tips to be a professional gamer:

Jul 02  unai urrutia  

Everyone since we have started playing video games we have wondered at one time or another what it would be like to earn a living as a professional gamer. Well, here we bring you 9 tips to be a professional […]

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Virtual Reality: Advantages and Disadvantages

Jun 21  unai urrutia  

Virtual reality is one of the most recent and innovative technologies in the development of technological applications. In this article we will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages that this technology has today. What is virtual reality? It is […]

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How to earn money with video games without being a professional player.

Jun 17  unai urrutia  

Everyday, the world of video games is getting more professionalized, and more people appear choosing this option as a way to make a living. And it’s not only that the professional players of the big leagues make a lot of […]

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Races of White Spell – Discover which race suits better your game

Apr 16  unai urrutia  

In White Spell the world of Eloryan is divided by 8 different races, find out about their distinctive characteristics before conquering the continent. With which race do you identify yourself more? Which race would you like for us to develop […]

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Launch of the White Spell BETA HTML5: April 2019

Apr 01  unai urrutia  

White Spell is now closer to its launch to the market, but before that, we are going to open an open beta period for the game version in HTML5. Moreover, the ones that don´t know the game will be able […]

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