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Update – Guilds arrive

New update available! Hello adventurers, for a long time we have wanted to be able to give you this news. Finally, we can present you the first phase for the introduction of a Guild System in White Spell. In this […]

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Update – Meta changes and new beasts

¡New update available! Hello adventurers, we introduce this update to try to solve some of the problems that you have reported to us. First of all we want to improve the reconnection system in hero battles, so now we will […]

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Update – Profile and Management Center

New update available! Dear adventurers, with this update we have modified the cost of the expansions of the sectors of the Resource Management Center so that some players will have suffered a level drop in some sectors. In addition, we […]

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Update – Double Construction

A new update is here! On this occasion we bring you the option of unlocking the double construction. Now you can be twice as fast! List of new features Next, we leave you the list with the most important changes […]

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Update Balance Changes

Oct 09  unai urrutia  

New update! The White Spell update with the balance changes is here. The objective of these changes is to facilitate a more fluid start during the first days of the game. List of new features Next, we leave you the […]

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Missions and Market Update

Sep 09  unai urrutia  

New update! The White Spell update is here. Full list of new features Next, we leave you the complete list of the changes made with the functionalities implemented in bold: In addition to having solved countless bugs we bring you […]

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Races of White Spell – Discover which race suits better your game

Apr 01  unai urrutia  

In White Spell the world of Eloryan is divided by 8 different races, find out about their distinctive characteristics before conquering the continent. With which race do you identify yourself more? Which race would you like for us to develop […]

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Update 0.1.000

Jan 26  unai urrutia  

New update! The 0.1.000 update is here and with it come the heroes’ combats. Also with this update has been a server reset, so you can return to compete for the first place since today. This version also brings a […]

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Chapter #5_ SpeedSculpt jewerly

Nov 30  unai urrutia  

SpeedSculpt the jewerly of the Empire race Today we bring you a video that I have recorded of the speedSculpt of a building, in this case it is of empire jewelry. The program I use is 3ds Max, and I […]

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Chapter #4_ Buildings

Sep 21  unai urrutia  

Process of creating a building from its conception to its implementation Hello! I’m Jota, from The Hunters team, and in this chapter of the development diary I’m going to tell you, through an example, how we carry out in the […]

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