AzPlay Q2

AzPlay Q2

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White Spell on AzPlay Q2 

Last Thursday, June 8, we attended AzPlay Q2 to make White Spell known to the local videogame community in Euskadi. Jonathan Larrínaga, promoter and CEO of White Spell, told attendees how his business experience is developing the game White Spell as well as the creation of the company Hunters of Magic.

In this brief intervention, he did not want to leave without disclosing what he considers most important in the path of entrepreneurship. In this order he quoted:

  • The team.
  • The idea.
  • The investement.

If you want to know why, do not miss the video from the minute 20:50!

In addition, he also gave time to reproduce some fragment of interviews of the founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma. In one of the videos you can see the Chinese entrepreneur advising on entrepreneurship to young people. And in another of the videos tells the numerous times he was rejected in jobs, and even at Harvard University. All this to value the importance of never giving up.

You have to stay with the positive part and move on!

What is AzPlay Q2?

AzPlay Q is a program of quarterly meetings that energize the videogame sector in Euskadi. In each of these days, local developers and experts in different areas of the videogame industry participate, fostering the networking of the local community.


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