9 tips to be a professional gamer:

9 tips to be a professional gamer:

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Everyone since we have started playing video games we have wondered at one time or another what it would be like to earn a living as a professional gamer. Well, here we bring you 9 tips to be a professional gamer and achieve your dreams 🙂


  1. Play and explore as many games as you can

Unless you are an expert player in a particular type of game and want to devote your efforts entirely to that game it is highly recommended to try as many games as you can. The idea is to discover which are the games that you are good at and those that you enjoy the most.

Some of the most popular genres are:

  • RTS (Real Time Strategy): Games like Age of Empires.
  • RPG (Role Playing Game): Games like Final Fantasy.
  • FPS (First Person Shooter): Games like Counter Strike.
  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena): Games like League of Legends.


  1. Choose a genre and stick to it

After trying a wide variety of games and genres you will have identified the type of games that you are best at. If you have a type of game that is especially good for you or a genre that you understand very well and it is not a problem when it comes to playing, it is best to focus on that genre and make it your strong point as a gamer.


  1. Play with other players

Develop a network of players of the same level or higher with which to test your skills and improve them. The more you play with people of different profiles, the more likely you are to learn new ways to get involved in games. The diversity of ideas is the best brake against stagnation and the greatest engine of growth.


  1. Competition or entertainment?

As we have mentioned in previous publications how to make money from videogames without being a professional gamer, when entering the world of gamers you will have to make a decision. Do you want to make a living competing or do you want to make a living playing streamer?

While being a streamer is not the same as being a professional gamer, they are also people who earn money professionally by playing video games, even though they do not compete in the big leagues.


  1. Learn, learn and learn

In a world where new games are coming out every month, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, strategies and the goal of games are constantly changing, not paying attention can cost you victory.

It is very important to always be on the crest of the wave, watching the latest videos of professional players, the most updated tutorials and guides and researching the most popular tactics and techniques of the moment.


  1. Exercises and health

As a video game player you will spend many hours sitting in front of the computer or the console. This can lead to many health problems and affect the mental state of the person.

It is very important to take care of your diet and not take a lot of saturated fats and sugars because in the long run a bad diet affects the body and mind, and therefore your performance. There are also several exercises that can be done to improve finger mobility and eye-hand coordination. We recommend that you find the one you like most and be constant in the use of these.


  1. Analysis of your progress

Nobody is born knowing, and much less is born someone being pro. All the people who become professionals in anything carry on their back a countless number of hours and effort.

This is why it is important that you get the most out of the hours you play. The exercise of analyzing both your losses and your victories can help you in this process of improvement, since you will not want to fall twice because of the same stone.

The goal is to know the game both outside and inside, taking advantage of the mechanics of the game in your own favor and using the best tactics at all times.


  1. Good equipment, in good condition and customized

It can be very frustrating to lose a match or game because of outdated or defective hardware. Each time the games demand more power and better computer graphics and if you do not have the right equipment, that may be preventing you from winning.

In addition, we live in times where latency is the order of the day so having a good fiber optic connection is essential for player vs player action games.


  1. Tournaments, leagues and events of the world

Participate in events, tournaments and videogame leagues can be a good way to get to know you, improve your skills and expand your network of contacts in the world of video games. In addition, some of these events have monetary prizes that can help you in the short and medium term until you get to be a professional gamer.


We hope that these 9 tips to be a professional gamer have helped you. Are there any missing?

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