5 benefits you didn’t know about playing video games

5 benefits you didn’t know about playing video games

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Like everything in life, playing video games in excess can have unwanted consequences. However, it is also true, and several studies confirm that playing moderately can bring benefits as well as fun.

  1. Stimulates the development of gray matter

A German study says that playing 30 minutes a day helps develop the area responsible for stimulating memory, strategy and planning in the brain.

  1. Stimulates the development of creativity

In addition to having shown that playing video games improves performance, speed and accuracy for daily activities, video games have also been shown to encourage creativity. Since it is often necessary to achieve the objectives dictated by the game.

  1. Helps in decision making and improves alertness

It is proven that video games can help children with dyslexia to improve their abilities and increase attention span.

In addition, it helps with decision making, since during the game they are forced to value the options and choose the best option to solve the level or problem they face.

  1. It helps reduce stress

Video games help to free yourself from stress, allowing you to unload day-to-day tensions and leaving problems aside to concentrate on playfulness.

  1. Improves vision

Studies show that the moderate practice of this leisure activity can help improve vision and learn to distinguish more the details of a situation.


These are 5 of the benefits of playing video games, of course, provided they are played in moderation. Even excess water can drown you.


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