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    Interview in FS Gamer magazine

    Interview in FS Gamer magazine Lately we have been so focused on the development of a viable game prototype that we have not had time to think about anything else. And the truth, it was already time to add more […]

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    AzPlay Q2

    White Spell on AzPlay Q2  Last Thursday, June 8, we attended AzPlay Q2 to make White Spell known to the local videogame community in Euskadi. Jonathan Larrínaga, promoter and CEO of White Spell, told attendees how his business experience is […]

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    Interview in Euskadi Today

    Special Beaz | Euskadi Today Interview with Jonathan Larrínaga Special edition of Euskadi Hoy from Onda Vasca broadcasted live from the Beaz headquarters. There, Javier Vizcaíno has known first hand the tools put in place by the Diputación de Bizkaia […]

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    The Hunters

    We present the team of Hunters of Magic that is currently immersed in the development of White Spell. We are fortunate to have the recent incorporation of the students Maider Saralegi and Irantzu Torres of the Master of Concept Art […]

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    Competition #talentodigital

    Selected in the #talentoDigital contest White Spell has been selected in the contest #digital talent of El País to qualify for the two prizes (the readers and the jury) endowed with 15,000 euros each. There are 305 newly created companies […]


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"Hoy queremos presentaros los bocetos en los que estamos trabajando para las nuevas bestias. Necesitamos de vuestra… https://t.co/AQ3SA5GiWk"
"Os recordamos que en #WhiteSpell, próximamente en el mercado, para el modo #RPG se podra jugar de manera multijugad… https://t.co/Ld1vvQvrDR"
"White Spell: Gestión de Economía y Recursos Aquellas personas que tengan pericia en este campo vera sus ciudades f… https://t.co/AvcL4HzBU2"








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